Sunday, August 8, 2010


Everyone needs a break from the hum drum activities of daily life (AKA laundry, kids, carpool, husbands, work, you know the drill ladies).  Every year the women of my family take a trip of some sort.  We have done all sorts of adventurous things, but this year we chose whitewater rafting and tubing (for the ladies they do not like an adrenaline rush).  Our ages range from 21 to 76.  We have the most amazing time and we all look forward to it every year.  

This year two of our not so adventurous women (my mom and aunt Elaine) went with us whitewater rafting.  It was actually Elaine's idea which surprised us all (not because we she is not adventurous but because year before we could not get her in a cave for anything).  We went down the Ocoee (Class III and IV).  We used  We had the BEST guide Turbo.  He did an amazing job of keeping us all on the boat.

Ocoee River
 We had the BEST time and hope to go back soon.

Jennifer just got drenched.  Notice everyone laughing.

This is the photo right before the previous one.  Notice the two in the back are posing (my aunt and mom) and the guide look like he might be about to die.

After whitewater rafting the other five ladies meet us in McCaysville for tubing on the Toccoa River.  You might think tubing is not an adventure but adventure seems to follow us....with this group of ladies everything is an adventure and I love that about them.   

First of all my sweet wonderful grandmother who I have dragged into caves is such a trooper.  She cannot swim at all and is actually quite afraid of the water because she had a niece drown.   But she did not want to miss a chance for adventure so she agreed to go tubing.

Secondly the Toccoa had a dam release so the water rose from a mere 3 feet lazy river to a 7 feet river that was moving quite swift.  Plus we had ten tubes tied. So all of this made for a great adventure.  A couple of us fell in the water, but we had a great time.  I can't wait to see what we are going to do next year.

My sweet Grandmother