Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cavers vs. Spelunkers

"What does spelunking mean? In simple terms, it means cave exploration. Spelunking is rooted in a Latin word spelunca, meaning cave. Technically, it is derived from the word Speleology that means “scientific study of caves”. Speleologists are scientists involved in the study of caves. They are the ones responsible for studying cave formations, etc."

What are their activities? Both of them follow a predetermined or prepared plan of activities or itineraries. They also both have objectives and expected outputs. But how do they really differ?

How is spelunking different than caving? Well, cavers enjoy the cave for the sheer enjoyment of discovery of the cave. Spelunkers enjoy exploring the caves as well, but add the excitement of scientific discovery. Both have a plan of action when it comes to entering the cave. Spelunkers create a more detailed and formal plan, while cavers are in it for the entertaining exploration of the cave.

I found this interesting because Stephanie is more like a spelunker and I am more like a caver. Stephanie has the degree in geology and loves to name and recognize the structures and formations. She has even corrected me a time or two. :) I love the idea of squeezing, crawling and maneuvering through the cave and enjoy the beauty of the cave.

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