Friday, June 11, 2010

Saint George Island, Florida

We had an awesome time on Saint George.  Brandi's oldest adventurer got strep after one day so they did not get to stay with us:(.  We surfed the waves everyday.  The waves were huge...think Hawaii.  The first day we went down to the beach and of course all the boys grabbed nets and started trying to catch stuff.  Finn caught a catfish that had just been bitten half into by a shark...towards the end of the week I took my boys shark fishing with my mom and mother in law.  It was hilarious...the two moms kept thinking that the sharks were moving the boat.  Ethan was humming the tune to Jaws...quite funny.

We did take the metal detector but found nothing.  We also did not get to kayak because the waves were huge.  The boys enjoyed riding the waves on their boogie boards.  We also enjoyed seeing the dolphins.  It really makes me sad that this whole area could be potentially ruined because of the oil spill.  We all need to start praying for the whole gulf coast.  Enjoy the beautiful Saint George Island sunset and the dolphin waving his tail at us.


Stephanie Garmon

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