Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another great hike.

Today me and my DH celebrated our 14 year we went hiking. Hiking is one of my favorite thing to do. I love being outside and getting exercise at the same time. We went to Pine Log Creek near Waleska. The hike was beautiful. It was very mountainous and was 4.15 miles long. About 3 miles in I said "I am so glad our kids are not with us because we would be hearing some major whining". That was also the point I was also thinking I should have brought a snack and some water. I am semi-famous for not being prepared for hikes. A couple of years ago, after much begging my husband stopped by the walls of Jerico in Alabama. It said it was a 3 mile hike...I thought no problem I do that all the time. would have been no problem if I had not being wearing flip-flops, we had no water , and no snacks plus we had not eaten breakfast that morning. I get low blood sugar if I do not eat every two hours:) so you can only imagine. To make a very long story short...I thought I was going to die that day (LOL). The hike took us over 5 hours and I totally would have eaten anything (Bear Grylls watch out). I was starving, my feet hurt, and I was dehydrated, so needless to say my husband still brings that up when I say I want to go hiking.

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