Sunday, March 7, 2010

Caving with my class!

Yesterday I took a group of my 8th graders caving to Manitou Cave with True Adventure Sports. I love to hear what the kids say that I have never been caving before. Not on this trip but a previous one, one of the kids said are we underground...this is after we had been caving for 2 hours. Too funny! I think it is great to expose kids to God's wonderful creations above and below ground. God created a beautiful world and I think that he wanted us to enjoy all the resources that he provided for us. Life is too short for us not to enjoy it. I am always amazed at how little kids know about things outdoors. My kids and Brandi's kids are spoiled because we have always taken them and done so many different adventures with them. I know this is rambling about alot of different things...just alot of thoughts on my mind. Stephanie

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